The impermanence of the elegant sakura is what makes April a special month for Japanese

In Japan, March was the month of goodbyes. April is a month of new endeavours and a fresh
start for all. The elegant cherry blossom flowers known as “sakura” in Japan, mark a symbolic
transition to the spring season. The spring season represents the ever changing state of life
through the short blooming period of the sakura.

During this season, people all over Japan gather under the endless rows of the sakura trees at
public parks and on the side of canals every year for a picnic, known as the “hanami”. This is an
activity that should be relatable and familiar to those of us who have walked through the
Meadows in Edinburgh this time of the year before.

Due to the recent turn of events, this year we have all had and still do have a huge
responsibility; to refrain from taking part in the usual ways of life. Social distancing. This
however shouldn’t stop us from taking part in it quietly from home. In fact, we should take this
time to acknowledge the current ways of life as we have and have faith that this will only be a
temporary goodbye to life as we know it.

We will be sharing recipes that you could cook yourself to take part in your own “hanami” picnic
at home!

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